Working in the upstream sector carries a unique set of considerations and is becoming challenging for oil and gas organizations.

“Upstream gathering needs to be engineered well, and the front end of the hydrocarbon value chain starts here. It is prudent to treat and process the feed for maximizing returns”

As reserves diminish in and around established oil and gas hubs, the need for unconventional extraction methods grows.  Several business considerations include: investigation in ultra-deep waters, working with higher temperatures and pressures that require expanding technologies, operational and financial products, and solid risk management processes. 

Our reputation, experience, and expertise within the upstream sector will offer your business the competitive edge it needs to work proficiently and securely in a challenging landscape. 

Our Upstream Consulting Services

Our upstream oil and gas consulting team are highly committed to helping clients across every segment of the upstream, and the supply chain, utilizing our deep research capabilities to offer strategic commercial advice. 

Our upstream consulting services include: 

With decades of experience working with oil and gas clients, we provide a full range of upstream services. 

  • Plant Operations & Debottlenecking 
  • Reliability and Engineering 
  • Feasibility Studies

Tailwater’s experience in supporting the operation of natural gas and upgrader off-gas processing facilities includes feed gas treatment, compression, an assortment of turbo-expander cryogenic processes, and product treatment. We likewise assess designs for new facilities. 

Our consultants help position your organization for success to exploit lower operating expenses and project breakevens, increased accessibility of exploration acreage, and the decrease in competition for M&A opportunities.  

Navigate Your Strategy and Maximize Assets, Output, and Profit 

Tailwater has built up a large portfolio of solutions to drive improvements across the entire upstream exploration and production life cycle. We assist upstream clients with amplifying assets, output, and profit through profound technology and business expertise. 

Our upstream oil and gas consulting team are all-set to partner with you to address these notable challenges by consolidating top-notch information, analytics, and expertise into decision-support solutions that are exceptionally built to assist you with: 

  • Cost & Technology 
    • Augment your competitiveness at the corporate or asset level by utilizing comprehensive assessment and analysis of costs, technologies, and innovative techniques. We offer end-to-end field development planning, audits, cost estimation, supply chain analysis, benchmarking, and technology consulting. 
  • Transaction & Valuation 
    • Make informed decisions about significant hydrocarbon investments and energy industry M&A opportunities based on independent, quantitative due diligence analysis that centers particularly around basic value drivers. 
  • Strategy 
    • Position your organization for sustainable growth regardless of dubious markets. We create assets and corporate strategy; provide an opportunity for recognizable proofs and screening, portfolio optimization, and performance benchmarking.
  • Regulatory 
    • Accomplish global energy regulatory compliance or attract worldwide investment in the energy sector. We can assist with country energy policy and all-inclusive plans development, licensing support, fiscal benchmarking, and drafting guidelines. 
  • Business Environment 
    • Understand ever-changing market factors and manage your hydrocarbon sector risks down to an individual asset level. We convey analysis of market essentials and trends, market intelligence, scenarios, forecasts, market sizing, and more ground risk analysis and mitigation. 
  • Subsurface
    • Streamline reservoir performance by getting independent, expert support for primary technical disciplines. We spend significant time in solutions for complex reservoirs – giving resource audits, engineering/simulations, geological studies, and more.

Solid Partnerships Outlast Industry Trends 

As oil and gas government agencies and organizations started adapting to truly evolving global energy markets, the fascination of international investments and successful regulatory compliance management become a primary focus for them. Corporate managers need to guarantee that they know and follow complex oil and gas regulations in different jurisdictions and stick to different industry best practices in order to avoid disruption minimize risks and reduce costs. 

Talwater’s upstream oil and gas consultants can assist you with driving international investments into the energy sector and manage legitimate and regulatory compliance challenges and transform them into promising circumstances for progress. 

Our energy consulting experts are remarkably positioned to assist you with analyzing trends and identify opportunities or risks so you can develop winning tactics. We provide: 

  • Profound Energy Expertise
    • Benefit from the experience of our range of in-house consultants worldwide including engineers, economists, lawyers, geoscientists, information specialists, and other experts. 
  • Industry-Leading Data 
    • Gain access to our broad, exclusive databases for E&P operations worldwide, huge energy resources available, private oil companies, and significantly more
  • Broad Perspective
    • See how your business is affected by other market factors. We offer related cross-disciplinary content and expertise in full-scale economics, defense, technology, and other sectors
  • Advanced Tools
    • Maximize the value of data with chief analytic systems for resource valuation, reservoir engineering, exclusive operating and capital cost indexes, and other key capacities 
  • Proven Track Record 
    • Over the past 4 years, we have advised almost 50 organizations worldwide including NOCs, IOCs, energy service organizations, financial institutions, and governments 

Focus on the FutureOrganizational Changes In Upstream

Energy organizations are well structured and process-driven, yet they fall behind leading organizations in other industries in optimizing ways of working to generate superior performance. 

Historically, most organizations have organized themselves by resource, but today huge players depend all the more regularly on a functional model as they seek after controls and consistency across operations and around the globe. Furthermore, technological disruption is adding another layer to the upstream association and operating model adequacy, as organizations move toward new processes, governance, and decision-making logic.

There are a few unmistakable areas on which upstream oil and gas organizations can focus to lift themselves to the next organizational level.   

  • Change at Scale
    • Focus on what can deliver huge value; set up the principles of “change at scale”, including data management, IT architecture, and governance. 
  • End to end thinking
    • Imagine a coherent, long-term agenda to improve core processes and establish more extremist significant change. 
  • For the Business, By the business change 
    • Implement improvement gauges that accomplish business goals as well as have bottom-up support. 
  • Agile ways of working 
    • Net increased employee commitment and an enhanced ability to attract and retain unrivaled talent through agile. 
  • Data Platform 
    • Assemble a data platform early in the change process so pioneers can establish common data-management standards. 
  • Financial Incentives
    • Personalize incentives to every employee or potentially every division. 
  • Performance-centric culture 
    • Construct a workforce that strongly believes in the organization’s strategy; make a flat structure with well-designed chains of commands; cultivate a companywide obligation to leaner processes, and creative solutions to complex challenges. 

Get in touch with Tailwater’s upstream oil and gas consulting experts to accomplish business goals along with the energy industry value chain. Let’s connect and see how we can help you.