The Oil & Gas business has always been cyclical by nature, this leads to hiring gaps between cycles. The outcome of this undoubtedly causes gaps in experience within the workforce. It is not uncommon for workers with only 5 years of experience being asked to perform a task that would fall to a more senior individual with little to no guidance. We believe that success and development of a great employee requires mentoring and proper leadership. TTC recognizes the need for employee development within the industry and offers a range of courses. TTC’s vast experience base and expertise allows us to provide industry specific training. In addition, we can offer custom training to fill any gaps within your organization. Let us help you create the strongest impact player for your team. Investing in your most important asset will set you apart from the competition.

Below is a list of available courses. If you don’t see what you are looking for, it doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it. Please contact us about specific courses.  

  • Basic Midstream for Non-Technical
    • Description: This course is geared towards a understanding of the midstream operations.
    • Basic equipment and processing: Cryogenic Processing, Fractionation, Gathering, and Treating.
    • Contracts and connection agreements
    • Measurement and Material Balance