Storage is an extremely important commercial operation with safety and environmental concerns. The capacity selection, the location and the type of storage vessel for a particular service are critical for successful projects. The storage design is only complete when it includes pumps, relief systems and vapor recovery/compression.

“Whether it is low or high RVP hydrocarbon liquid or the cryogenic storage facilities, it is important to design it safely and accurately for the entire life-cycle of the project”

At Tailwater Technical, we have extensive experience in the design, project development and operation of crude, condensate, fractionation products and cryogenic product storage and transportation operations. We can assist with storage selection, engineering, operating, optimizing and de-bottlenecking of these systems. We have engineering strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well versed in using these tools for making decisions. We also have extensive experience ranging from small sections of process improvements in condensate stabilizer to mega-projects that includes batteries of storage tanks.

Our capabilities are:

  • Technology Selection – API tanks, pressurized storage tanks, stabilized condensate
  • Pump selection and loading/unloading stations
  • Vapor Recovery and Compression Unit (VRU and VCU)
  • Relief Systems
  • Process Simulations
  • Capital Cost and Operating Cost Estimation
  • Scheduling and Vendor selection
  • PFD, P&ID and engineering deliverables