Pipeline surge is a serious problem that can occur due to a sudden rise in pressure caused by a sudden change in flowing velocity. Surge pressures are generated in a pipeline whenever there is a sudden change in flow as a result of a valve opening/closing or pump startup/shutdown. Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) has extensive experience in performing surge calculations for liquid pipeline networks.

“TTC can perform surge calculations using low-fidelity tools as well high-fidelity tools, depending on the requirement, thus covering wide range of problems arising from pipeline surges”

TTC can assist you in performing surge calculations during concept to detail engineering to operations. TTC capabilities include the following:

  • Importing pipeline isometrics from GIS and other sources to create the network
  • Performing surge simulations for various surge scenarios
  • Performing surge calculations using CFD for yard or in-plant piping systems
  • Performing FIV calculations for surge scenarios and providing adequate support systems to protect pipelines
  • Design pumping and compressor stations