Pipeline pigging is an important aspect of pipeline integrity management and is carried out in various phases of the project to ensure the pipeline can be operated safely through its design life. Pipeline pigs are used to clean solids, scale, wax buildup, and other debris. In gas pipelines, pigs are used to manage liquid that condense out of the gas stream. Pigging frequency is a critical factor for slug catcher design. “Smart”/ Inspection pigs collect information that help with pipeline integrity.

“At Tailwater Technical Consulting, we understand “pigging is a necessary evil” and can assist with your pigging projects”

Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) has extensive experience in pigging systems and is committed in helping clients understanding the importance of pigging in maintaining pipeline integrity.

TTC capabilities include the following:

  • CFD modeling to provide necessary insight into pipeline pigging.
  • Assist in selection of pigs
  • Design and engineering of Pig Launcher and Receiver
  • Onsite project support during pigging projects
  • Pigging accident investigation and troubleshooting