The midstream industry is always looking for of standard designs that are safe, economical and flexible for future. Tailwater Technical has all capabilities, 100+ years of experience in the segment and engineers who lead this segment for different companies.

“Midstream processes need to be design with CAPEX/OPEX, permit requirements, long term reliability and most importantly with the correct technology selection for the asset”

At Tailwater Technical, we have extensive experience in engineering, operating, optimizing and de-bottlenecking these systems. We have engineering strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well verse in using these tools for making decisions. The projects that we have extensive experience with ranges from small section of process improvement in gas plants to mega-projects. We take pride in delivering the correct dehydration services.

Our capabilities are:


A: The transportation, processing, purification, fractionation and storage of hydrocarbon products is considered midstream industry. As its name suggests it is the middle segment of hydrocarbon supply chain that connects the upstream producers with the downstream companies and end users. 

A: The midstream companies are typically receiving their raw material from either upstream companies or custody transfer from other midstream companies. In some instances, downstream companies receive raw material from downstream companies for reprocessing and recycling.

A: No, pipelines are one of the key asset segment of midstream industry but there are several other services that it offers. Including hydrocarbon treating and gas processing, storage and blending services.