The Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is the world’s choice of clean, transportable fuel. It has changed the energy landscape, but projects are often complex and long term. We have experience in modular design and cryogenic gas plants, dehydration and acid gas removal systems. LNG plants have these systems which are critical for operations.

“Energy efficiency for producing on spec LNG is the key driver. Process optimization is required for profitable and reliable operations ”

At Tailwater Technical, we have extensive process, mechanical and commercial operational experience. LNG facilities require engineering and commercial capabilities from concept to detail engineering, operations to optimization. We also have engineers on staff with 20+ years of experience in LNG plants engineering, de-bottlenecking and operations.

Our capabilities are:

  • Conceptual Design and LNG plant optimization
  • Extensive experience in amine systems and dehydration systems
  • aspentechTM process and detail engineering suite
  • BRE PromaxTM
  • Aspen Capital Cost EstimatorTM
  • Aspen Exchanger Design and RatingTM
  • Several other proprietary computer-based Cost Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and Start-up


A: Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gasthat has been cooled down to cryogenic temperatures to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport. It takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state at STP. 

A: The midstream operations includes all essential operations that are part of LNG plant such as dehydration, acid gas removal, removal of mercury, extraction and recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL), fractionation, measurement and storage. All technology and skills in midstream are almost the same as LNG. 

A: Absolutely! All the expertise in gas processing can be directly applied to LNG business. Tailwater Technical can also help with CFD and measurement engineering of LNG facilities. There is top notch expertise in data analytics and plant optimization services that Tailwater Technical can apply toward improving production and de-bottlenecking.