At Tailwater Technical, we provide complete solutions for decarbonization and carbon management. We provide engineering and project management services from concept to completion of project. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with the unit operations of oil and gas facilities including plant, hydrocarbon storage and pipelines. We have project management capability that allows us to support our client with the full cycle of their project. We have engineering and project management strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well versed in using these tools for making decisions. The projects that we have extensive experience with ranges from small section of process improvement to mega-projects.

TTC will audit assets to get a total carbon footprint to look at total methane emissions that meet current and future administration requirements. In addition, TTC can provide alternative options for reduction plans to meet potential regulations over the next 8-10 years.

We offer complementary services such as amine system and gas dehydration optimization for carbon reduction by reducing methane, VOC, HAPs and CO2 (GHG) emission reduction. We can also help reduce routine flaring and venting. We use state of the art technologies to support decarbonization and therefore reduce overall GHG footprint of an operating asset.