Throughout the industry, commercial and marketing requires some initial technical vetting to help make a “Go” or “No Go” decision.

This would include some basic high-level engineering, concept maps developed, simple process flow diagrams and operating costs so an estimated financial model can be created.

Often, companies find that technically they could be constrained and need third party help to create an estimate. When no internal resources are available, turning to engineering firms to help provide this information is required.

Many options are available in the third-party technical space in shops that specialize in only detail engineering. Although the company may excel in designing a detailed system, they tend to lack personnel who have spent time on the operating side.

Without this institutional experience, many hours of rigorous engineering are required to get a cost for the project and leaving a large bill for something that could be answered in just a few days.

Tailwater Technical Consulting staff has spent decades on the operating side of the business providing quick cost-effective answers to potential projects, thus, giving you the edge to be the first to the finish line.