There are several different types of contracts for the separate midstream processes and facilities. We realize that each producer and processor may have different dynamics in commercial negotiations. It is important to evaluate contracts from commercial as well as technical aspects. This is why contract support is extremely important. It creates a requirement for measurement and material balance infrastructure and can help foster smooth transactions.

“Commercial contract support is a very important service that enables technical support to augment efforts from commercial experts ”

At Tailwater Technical, we have expertise in commercial contract support. We have in-house talent who have decades of commercial and engineering expertise in understanding and supporting contracts. We have experts with commercial and engineering strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well versed in reviewing contacts and help provide accurate guidance. The project at all stages of life cycle, whether during original permitting phase or during revisions can use the most accurate permitting support and environmental calculations from us.

Our capabilities are:

  • Contract Reading and Interpretations
  • Potential litigation Pitfalls of contracts
  • Contact support and measurement engineering
  • Material Balance and contract fulfillment
  • Monthly Backoffice work