We can proudly state that Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) has design, commissioning and operating experience with intricate details of CO2 (GHG or Carbon as sometime referred) capture from the processes. This process is followed by purification step including dehydration and followed by compression. The purpose of sequestration could be EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) or hundreds of years of delayed GHG impact.

“while numerous EPC companies talks about this subject but there are just handful design and implementation projects in the world. We highly recommend operating companies to choose your Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) partner with rigor of actual experience”

At Tailwater Technical, we are complete solution provider for carbon capture and sequestration. We provide engineering and project management services from concept to completion of project. We have extensive knowledge and on hands experience with dehydration and amine systems which are key component of successful CCS designs and implementation. We have project management capability that allows us to support our client with the full cycle of their projet. We have engineering and project management strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well verse in using these tools for making decisions. The projects that we have extensive experience with ranges from small section of process improvement to mega-projects.

Our capabilities are:

  • aspentechTM process and detail engineering suite
  • BRE PromaxTM
  • Aspen Capital Cost EstimatorTM
  • Aspen Exchanger Design and RatingTM
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Back office experts to enhance cost savings

Please note that abovementioned tools are trademarks of aspentech and BRE.