About Us

Tailwater Technical Consulting was founded in 2019 as a full service engineering solutions provider for the Oil & Gas industry and leading consulting firms for Oil & Gas services in the USA. Our core team members each have over 20 years of experience in the energy industry with expertise in the areas of process design, debottlenecking, troubleshooting, optimization, operations, start-up support, high-fidelity simulation studies (CFD, FEA), project management, due diligence, asset management and contract negotiations.

We are a subsidiary of Tailwater Capital LLC.

Tailwater Capital LLC is a growth-oriented, middle market private equity firm with a diversified presence that informs differentiated investments throughout the energy industry.  Tailwater manages $3.7 billion in committed capital as of July 2020.

Making Our Client’s Assets more Profitable

Our Vision

Provide engineering solutions that add value to YOUR bottom line.

Enable YOU to maximize profitability of YOUR assets.

Provide answers so YOU can make informed decisions.

Provide guidelines for safe and reliable operation of YOUR assets.

Our Technology

How Can We Support YOUR Business?

  • Strategies on how to overcome obstacles and/or grow
  • Conceptual scopes and estimates to facilitate decisions
  • Engineering packages and cost estimates to facilitate funding
  • Construction packages for project execution
  • Commissioning and startup plans
  • Solutions for operating issues
  • Optimizing your assets to minimize cost

Our Team Has Done It All!

What Makes Us Different?

Our 100 years of cumulative experience in oil & gas industry and the top expert with the 2 decades of experience in energy industry made us one of the top oil and gas services company in the USA

WE provide an operations background that many other engineering firms lack.


WE understand business drivers and design systems to maximize asset runtime and profitability.


WE look beyond on time/on budget and also focus on operability/reliability of assets.


WE get to the root cause of process issues and fix them right the FIRST time.


Our Expertise

Our Core team members EACH have over 20 years of  experience in the energy industry.

Our Experience

Compressor Stations
Storage Facilities
Gas Treating Systems
Gas Processing Facilities
Fractionation Facilities
Petrochemical Facilities
LNG Facilities
Export Terminals
Pipeline Maintenance programs
Implementation of pipeline programs
Encroachment management


Benjamin Day at Tailwater Capital LLC

Benjamin Day

Ben has served for 23 years within the petrochemical, refining, equipment design, and midstream industries. He joined Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as CEO in 2019. Prior to joining TTC, Ben served as SVP over Engineering at Southcross Energy from 2015-2019. He served at Enterprise Products Partners from 2007-2015 in various engineering, operational support, and leadership roles. In addition, he worked at Rodia Chemical, Dynegy Midstream, and Trane in a process, and project engineering capacity. Ben holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Duraivelan Dakshinamoorthy at Tailwater Capital LLC

Duraivelan Dakshinamoorthy

Durai has served for 16 years within the oil and gas industry in different segments. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD). He joined Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as Vice President in 2019. Prior to joining TTC, he worked for Enterprise Products Partners from 2013 to 2019 and was involved with solving problems for capital and operational groups. He worked for ANSYS, Inc. between 2009 to 2013, where he supported CFD in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of Oil and Gas. He also worked for Technip and Furnace Improvements, where he offered support for ongoing new and revamping projects. Duraivelan holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and has authored many journal articles and conference presentations.

Ritesh Shah at Tailwater Capital LLC

Ritesh Shah

Ritesh has 22 years of global professional career enveloping the energy sector. He joined Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as Vice President in 2019. He has performed assignments that range from the conceptual studies to performance tests, in-depth technical evaluation of companies during acquisition/mergers, and also played a key role in obtaining the Oil Export Permit from BIS.  In recent years, he has held responsibilities in technical leadership roles – the optimization of gas treaters from commercial and engineering perspective. He has served at Enterprise Products Partners, ConocoPhillips, and KBR. Ritesh holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Tony Lockard at Tailwater Capital LLC

Tony Lockard

Tony has 23 years of service in the petrochemical and midstream industries. He joined Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as Vice President in 2019. Prior to joining TTC, Tony served as Senior Director of Process Engineering at SouthCross Energy. He has held multiple leadership roles in engineering, project management support, and operational support. Prior assignments have included equipment design, conceptual studies, debottleneck studies, performance test, process diagnostics/troubleshooting, and technical evaluations for mergers/acquisitions. Previous employers have included Enterprise Products Partners, Jacobs, Dow, CF Industries, and Tru-Tec Services. Tony holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology and a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. 

Chad Aldrich at Tailwater Capital LLC

Chad Aldrich

Chad has 27 years of service in the petrochemical and midstream industries. He joined Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as Vice President in 2019. Prior to joining TTC, Chad served as Senior Director of Project Management at Southcross Energy. He has held multiple leadership roles in engineering, operations, asset optimization, and commercial/business development. Prior assignments have included conceptual studies, debottleneck studies, facility troubleshooting, and technical/commercial evaluations for mergers/acquisitions. Previous employers have included Enterprise Products Partners, Dow Chemical, and Koch Industries. Chad hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Oil and Gas Consulting Firm

Following cost deflation and scope reductions, oil and gas capital projects are looking for new ways to improve value. We help clients identify and adapt proven best practices from other industries to create opportunities on supply chain optimization, process digitization, learning curve benefits, planning, and contract innovation. Over the past decade, we have advised numerous leading oil and gas companies being oil & gas consultants on capital productivity and diversified projects spanning all major hydrocarbon basins. We as Engineering and Technical Service provider for Oil & Gas offer clients fresh insights, proven methods, and access to an unequalled pool of expertise.

As a Leading oil and gas management consulting company, We support clients at every stage of their capital projects:

  • During planning, we help clients develop a project concept that delivers the greatest value at the lowest risk, using design tools to drive project value and applying a modular approach to reduce capital expenditure.
  • In contracting and procurement, we as oil & gas consultants help clients define a contracting model, select contractors, and establish appropriate price structures, contract terms, and incentives.
  • During project execution, construction, drilling, commissioning, and ramp-up, we help and boost project management through schedule optimization, contractor management, and lean execution—including waste and performance loss elimination—at the yard, on-site, and offshore.
  • To enhance project governance, as a Oil and gas engineering consulting firm we help clients define an operating model covering all dimensions of capital expenditure—from technical processes to mind-sets and behaviors—and manage small projects as rigorously as large ones in order to capture savings of 20 to 30 percent.

Design-to-Value Proposition

A leading regional oil and gas company saw its capital expenditure rise threefold in 10 years while production grew by just 2 percent. As an oil and gas management consulting company, We helped the client adopt a design-to-value approach improving profitability.

CapEx Management

With the help of our Oil & Gas Consulting Services, a refining and marketing company redesigned its governance processes and set up a capital project team to address capital expenditure projects of all sizes across the organization. This five month effort led to significant savings in capital expenditure.

With the price of oil recovering, many oil and gas companies worldwide are launching new capital projects in pursuit of growth. Because many projects now are competing with renewables, success will require keeping costs down and maintaining timetables better than in the past.

Oil and Gas companies can use management practices and digital technologies deployed by other industries to boost capital project productivity. Project Production Management (PPM), digitizing processes, advanced analytics, and agile ways of working can all yield significant improvements.

But simply copying such practices won’t be sufficient because Oil and Gas projects are unusual in some important respects. In particular, no Oil and Gas project is the same as the one that preceded it and lead times varies. Moreover, team personnel often change with the project. Each new project brings a new set of challenges and a new learning curve, thus limiting the potential for boosting performance.

If Oil and Gas companies can adapt these practices to meet the needs of their unique environment, considerable improvement is possible. By our estimate, reducing development time alone has the potential to deliver 15 to 30 percent in cost savings. We as the industry specialized and the top Oil & Gas consulting firms in the USA are always keen to help and to give the best outcome on investment.

As more typical installations and technologies become more commoditized, OIL AND GAS players that don’t revamp their approach to capital projects now may be forced into ever more technically specialized, and often more costly, projects. The potential benefits could be worth billions.

Ways to improve project delivery

OIL AND GAS companies can draw on a wide variety of management practices and technologies to improve capital project performance. In our opinion, four are especially promising: PPM, automation and digital technologies, advanced analytics, and agile ways of working.

The automation of processes will enable just in time delivery of material and equipment. Low energy Bluetooth tags will make it easy to track the location and condition of everything on-site.

Product owners will deploy production controls to set daily targets for frontline crews and takt control meetings (takt being the available production time per unit demanded) to increase production reliability. Lidars (laser scanners) used in conjunction with digital twin technology will provide a fact based review of the work done on any given day.

Handover to operations is the most important task ever. It is as if you are handing over a plane to the pilot and his crew. After construction is completed, the project manager will deliver the following information to the operations team: as-built drawings, equipment spec sheets, equipment drawings, maintenance documents, and all other necessary documents.

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